Track Safety

Updated for your safety!

A complete new fire suppression system was built, designed and tested for the safety truck in 2017. The truck is equipped with 200lbs of dry chemical firefighting agent and 105 gallons of compressed water/foam. A professionally built task force tips foam injection system with 125ft of fire hose was added to this truck in 2017 as well. There are also 2 Amerex 2.5 compressed water/foam cans and a new LED emergency lighting set up for 360 degree coverage. 

This system was built with the drivers, fans and employees of The M40 Speedway in mind, drivers should have complete faith in the fire suppression system and new safety crew. 

Special Thanks: Tony Stewart for leading this project, True's Towing and Recovery, Jeff Starbuck with First Due, WEAL L.E.D Lights and Maximum Fire protection systems.